Jeff Grimes has been mixing and remixing rub seasoning ingredients for years in Andalusia, Alabama.

Every time Auburn tailgating season rolled  around he pulled out his favorite butt rubbins recipes and experimented combining them, deleting ingredients and adding new ones till he finally got the perfect butt rubbins mixture which he proudly calls "Dixie Dirt." Jeff "played around with different ingredients trying to find a rub that would give Boston butts the best flavor and not dry them out." 

But a concoction this good just could not be kept a secret. At every tailgating event since 1999 Jeff Grimes made sure to bring plenty of Boston butts and his famous rub to feed the flocks of people that wanted to enjoy the best Boston butt they had ever tasted.

Eventually people wanted the recipe for themselves, but Jeff refused to let the secret out. He never gave out all the ingredients, but he still wanted his friends to be able to enjoy Dixie Dirt Boston butts at their own tailgating events and parties. So, Jeff with much help from his wife Laquetta began searching for someone to mix and market Dixie Dirt. Finally they found an excellent food manufacturer in North Alabama and passed the project onto them.

As word got out that Dixie Dirt was on the market, people began to buy the rub that looked and clotted just like dirt but tasted too good to be true. Order now for your first time and you will never go back to an ordinary marinade, or if you are a returning customer then you know that Dixie Dirt Rub is the only way to cook your Boston butts.

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